About me

I am Geza J. Holzinger environmentalist, award-winning conservation photographer, visual anthropologist, based in Germany and Thailand. I specialized to document the daily life of disappearing cultures, current humanitarian crises and environmental destructions and their social consequences. I began my photographic career in 1993. After several workshops and masterclass I started nature and documentary photography primarily as an addition to my magazine articles. Between 2006 and 2010 I concentrated to document the social and political issues that define our times. Since 2010 I am working as a freelancer photographer and popular science writer. My works have been published in several Hungarian magazines and I have also worked for Free Magazine (Japan), Visual Ethnography (Italy) and Asian Geographic (Singapore).

I am very lucky because my work is also my passion. Being passionate about what I do is one of the important success factor in my life. I believe that I can create real value with my ideas and work, save the environment and the endangered tribes.


Even as indigenous men and women throughout the world have become at last the ethnographers of their own lives, the custodians and chroniclers of their own narratives and histories, there is still a place in their struggle for allies, supporters from all nations - storytellers and artists, anthropologists and activists - whose efforts can amplify indigenous voices and help garner public support for their political and cultural aspirations. Through the evocative power of his photography, Geza Holzinger has clearly made this his life's mission.
Wade Davis
Ethnographer, writer, photographer, filmmaker and professor of anthropology at the University of British Columbia
I am delighted to support the work of Geza and the philosophy of this website. Passion is an amazing resource that is available for anyone who wants it. I have spent 26 years sharing this message, and the evidence is clear: 'passionate people produce'. If you don't know what you are passionate about, then invest the time and do the work to discover it. Never let others tell you that your passions are 'unrealistic' or 'impossible'. This website and Gezas's help will be useful resources on your way of pursuing your passion. One other key point that is worth noting: I have found that one's passion can almost always be converted into generating revenue, if that's what you want. In spiritual ways, the Universe seems to unlock itself if you are truly passionate, and then makes additional resources available to you. So, use this website. Use your mind and your spirit and enjoy the ride of passion!
Charles Kovess
Australia’s passion provocateur